Labour Day

As the hours passed I was no closer to contracting by myself so I was now hooked up to a drip to prevent any infections as we had hit the 18 hours mark since my waters had broken. I had now prepared myself to be transferred to the birthing suite and the time had come but the midwives had informed me that this would not happen until around 6pm this evening.

It was fair to say I had the most interesting (odd) couple beside me in the room, I was counting down the minutes to leave as there was endless conversations about the most random things.( I will not go into detail on here just incase). I was hoping I would get transferred into a different ward after birth. This was doubtful as they were so busy but I had the most amazing Irish midwife on duty so in hope she could work her magic.

So finally after 26 hours I was transferred into the birthing suite to get the ball rolling. I was scared and excited. My head was spinning, could I be a mother? Was I going to be good enough?

It was now 11pm on the 15th so we had now realised that Skye was going to be born on her nannys birthday so my husband called home to inform all of the family. This started the excitement. My mother had expressed she would rather not know I was in labour as she would be worried so for the next few hours I was texting her about tv programs we both watch and the weather as if it was just any normal evening we text;).

So as I had always planned, I requested an epidural from the word go expecting to feel nothing from then on in. As the anesthetist prepared to give me the epidural I sat on the side of the bed with my feet on my husbands knees so I could not see the needle the next few minutes felt like an eternity. I remember screaming at one point and crying it was alot worse than I had expected. Then I was informed it hit the wrong area in my spine and he needed to do it again it was awful. Once I was hooked upto everything I asked how long would the whole labour take been induced? As I was only 3cm It would take an hour per cm and an hour to push. So I had calculated 10am the next day. The midwife gave paddy a cushion and blanket and he slept the next 4hours as I lay on the bed texting all my girlfriends. I could feel pressure and pains along my lower back and arss in which the midwife kept saying it was just pressure. It was getting unbearable I just had an epidural I thought I wouldnt feel a thing. So she called the anesthetist up again to give me another top up as he said I shouldnt feel it as I was. He tested all my front side with an iced water bottle.

The midwife at 4am decided to do another internal examination. which was only 4 hours into labour which calculating I should of been 7cm. She very suprised to discover that I was now 10cm and ready to push which explained why I was in so much pain as the epidural was unable to keep up with the speed of the contractions. The head was still high so we decided to wait another hour for the head to drop before I started to push. It was time to wake my husband, he had slept through the labour they say its a mans world;). The midwife then showed him how to calculate the contractions on the machine. Another midwife joined us she was Irish and remembered me from when I was here at 22 weeks. It was time to push. Eekkk.

Over all I pushed for 40 minutes. As we got to the point my husband could see her head, the both midwives looked worried and called the doctor. We started to panic her heart rate had dropped and had not returned to a healthy rate. So Dr Hung had arrived and within minutes Skye had relaxed but they informed me they would need to give me an episiotomy(cut me)to get her out. So she prepared the general anesthetic. At that point I was scared it would be extremely painful as the epidural had not fully numbed the pain. Once this was all done I asked the midwife when would they cut me, she said during my next contaction once I push she would cut me and Skye would come out all together. Just like that as if it was a game. It all felt surreal. In between contractions we were chatting to the Irish midwife about different parts of Ireland and people who we knew just like we were sitting at home over a cuppa.

Next thing we knew I was pushing I closed my eyes to push and as I opened them Skye was been quickly thrown on top of my chest it was all so surreal. My husband was crying he said it was like a rugby ball flying out into the midwives arms. At this point my legs were up and the doctor was stitching me up. This little human was looking up at me and my husband had my mother on face time telling her the news as I was been stitched up. As she had expected nothing she was worried something had happened.

Hold on slow down give me a minute to register what has just happened.

People always said you wouldnt remember having to push out the placenta after and this was so true I felt like a whole part of the after birth was a blur. Skye wad born on nannys birthday the 16th August 2018. The first thing the midwife said to us was ” did you know she was going to be so small” which worried us as they said if she was under 2.5kg she would need to go into nursery care. Then they said they needed her under heat asap as her temperature was low. I was unable to go over to her as I could not walk and was still getting stitched up.

Once both families were informed, I was stitched up and Skye was under lights. I had to make my way to the shower. Stubborn as I am I was convinced I could walk myself so the midwife laughed and was right beside me waiting to grab me and yes it is exactly what happened. I tried to stand up in the shower which proved to be impossible so the midwives put me on a chair in the shower and send my husband in to wash me.

They weighed her and she was 2.56kg juat barely scraped over the minimum but said we need to still treat her as a very small baby in the ward when it came to feeding and monitoring.

Little did I know what I was in for the days to come it would not of course be all plain sailing…..

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  1. I love this! A true, raw, honest experience! It sounds so amazing, yet so terrifying!! Good on you for sharing your story and experiences with us all Kym xx


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