Pre Labour – stubborness is key

A month later I am finally continuing my pregnancy journey. As I promised from the start my blogs will be real and raw with nothing but home truths, as I have recieved a lot of private messages from followers over the year of blogging saying how much they enjoy my humour and bluntness on reality I will keep it that way.

This photo was the last proper photo I took before I went into labour.

The last few weeks from about week 32-37 my feet, legs and face became so swollen which made it so hard to keep standing or walking for more than a few minutes, I felt about 90. Work became a struggle in which I was in denial as I wanted to keep my life just as it was. As I am such a social butterfly I continued going out with my mates until the day before my waters broke. Night time became nothing less than hell as the sciatic pain along with back pains and braxton hicks were getting worse.

I had been so focused on us getting the house renovations finished so we could enjoy the last few weeks of freedom. The 3 months prior we had spend every minute we had free sorting the house. I became like a broken record to my husband to get this done before Skye arrived. The transformation was incredible he had done an amazing job. I had spend a week filling the freezer with 10 different dishes to use for the first month Skye was born and the hospital bag was now ready. Anyone who knows me is fully aware patience is not my strong point. At this moment, Skye was cooked and ready to enter the world so I persisted to speed this up. I was sure I could make this happen as I was now 36w 4d.

On Friday 10th of August I had my 36 week hospital appointment, I was a women on a mission going into the doctor to convince him to either give me a stretch and sweep or agree to give me an induction early as I had planned to finish work the next week and I would be ready to go. The midwife told me the doctor on duty was so flexible and nice I had a good chance if I spoke to him. He agreed to a stretch and sweep there and then I was freaking like whatttttt does this not have to be planned. He laughed held up his hand and said ” you can have my small hands go up or wait for another doctor with bigger hands” I laughed and said lets go;). It only took 2-3 minutes and the pain and pressure was less than I had imagined, he said I would probaly bleed and have cramps for a few days but this was normal. He explained to get Skyes head turned I needed to sit on an excerize ball and dance like Beyonce. My booty was definitely not up to beyonces standard of dancing right now. As I left he said he would be on night duty next week if I decided to go into labour, I laughed and said I would never be that lucky and left. The Saturday I bled mildly and had cramps just as he said would happen. The Sunday I lost my muscus plug. Were things starting to happen. I continued to take raspberry tea tablets and primrose oil. That night I was not feeling great so I stayed home from work on the Monday. My cramps were no better so the Tuesday night I said to my partner on a light hearted note lets have sex and see if anything happens. It was the last thing on my mind the last few months but it was worth a shot. Short and sweet and feeling like a whale it was done and dusted and we were asleep by 9:30pm. I woke at 11:30pm with very bad diarrhoea and period cramps and of course went to Dr Google and searched what I already knew ” the early signs of labour”. Everyone says your waters breaking is like pee going down your leg. Yes I felt that is what had just happened so I jumped out of the bed and it was more like a power hose all over the newly renovated bedroom floor as I ran into the bathroom the place was flooded, I woke my husband and he was half asleep frantic asking what he should do. I told him put on the kettle for my hot water bottle, change the sheets and get back into bed. All I could do was laugh what was like a fountain of water still gushing out of me 2-3 minutes later. My husband put towels on the ground and I was laughing so much at him running round the whole experience was hilarious. I called the hospital and they said to make my way in to them within the next hour. I told my husband I had to shave my legs and get take away food before we went to any hospital. He kept saying why was I so calm this was serious. It took me 5 years to experience this so it might aswell be fun.

As we approached the hospital at 1am this was a mcdonalds 24hr drive thru so I got my food and sat casually in the carpark. I was content with no comtractions. My husband was so uneasy just wanting to get to the hospital. When we arrived we were taking into observation to get Skyes heart rate monitored. The midwife laughed saying there was no need to check had my waters broke it was evident this had happened. The doctor from my appointment the Friday appeared and joked I had come back to visit. He done another internal confirming the head was still high up, making it clear my Beyonce dancing never happened. My mother was messaging from Ireland saying she was sure she did not want to know when I went into labour as she would be worried so I continued texting her about the weather and a tv show she was watching, she was non the wiser, I was bursting to tell her. So we began to take photos and videos to play back to her after the birth. My husbands family all had been updated back in Ireland so the excitement started as my mother in laws birthday was the 16th and we were now on the 14th.

As I was not having contractions they transferred me into a ward to be monitored the next day, confirming if contractions did not start in 18 hours they would put me on a drip to prevent an infection and then discuss been induced the following day. They asked was I ok with this plan. Oh yessss I was just get our princess into the world 5 years was long enough to wait.

These were the 2 things I set out to do, stubborness is definitely the key 😉

I will do this blog in a 3 part story each Monday from now.

Thanks for following and hope you enjoy the read

Its a tough life for the dad in hospital who ever said it was easy having to sleep while you wait.

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