The Reveal – Prince or Princess

So the time has come to reveal to all of our friends in Australia whether we will be having a prince or princess.

2 of my besties took the challenge on board planning our gender reveal party, I have never been the person to do things traditionally like most babyshowers that are usually planned as high teas which consisted of all pink and a group of girlfriends. Why not do it in style, after all we have waited 4 long painful years to get to this point.

BUT the theme, venue and details were also a very well kept secret from us both. I was very clear I wanted to keep it bright and fun just like our wedding colours along which also involved our friends, partners and kids. So I handed over the guest list and that was my job done. Which was nice as I am always the one who does the planning and organising.

I rented a dress from a company in Perth called Bumps that Borrow which was great as I felt massive and I knew having such low confidence at the moment, the thought of trying on dresses in 10 different shops was the last thing I wanted. I went with my gut feel and picked a bright coloured dress hoping I would match the theme of the party.

I knew getting ready that morning that I wanted to fast forward 3 months where I could go back whitening my teeth and getting rid of my wrinkles along with detoxing and cleansing, haha I was expecting miracles today in the photos but I knew I could not hide. Truth be told pregnancy and weight together do not define the word sexy or no where near in my case. I had convinced myself to wear heels to make me feel better about myself, mind I am not the best in heels 20kg lighter so this should be fun.

The morning of the party my phone was so busy with texts from all my girlfriends with excitement, again I truly am so lucky with the network of friends I have built up in Australia. My closest group of girlfriends all prepared the food and helped set up the venue.

We arrived at the venue which was Seacrest Park club rooms, Sorrento, Perth. It was perfect it had big football field for kids to play along with a playground for our mates younger kids, the club rooms were big and spacious, the girls had beautifully decorated in all bright Hawaiian colours which is exactly my style. As people walked in the door they guessed a gender and got a necklace with a colour to represent what sex they had picked. My partner got a yellow grass skirt and flowery bra to fit in with the theme, of course the bra was whipped off in minutes. There was about 50 adults and alot of kids which gave it a proper family feel since we were missing having our family there for the special occasion.

Games were played and everyone got babyshower scratchcards, the food was beautiful and pinatas were set up outside for the kids. I spent all of the time walking round trying to ensure I spoke to everyone on the day. Then my bestie did the MC for the day organising the games and now was time for the reveal. So we had to open the box and the balloon colour to match the flower necklaces would reveal the gender, following this we had a pin to burst the balloon. It was such an amazing feeling to think this was finally happening. All those tears, surgeries, injections, drugs, and years of feeling like a failure was finally worth it. Paddy took over the mic and done a thank you speech to everyone and I followed on with a speech as to the name reveal and as to why it was picked and the meaning behind it.

We had decided on the name Skye Jayme mcGrath. Skye was picked as we wanted a modern outdoors beach name to represent our lives in Australia but also as this was our rainbow baby it was perfect.

The middle name we picked was Jayme after my stepdad Jimmy who passed away as I believe without him looking down on me we would not have this journey. It has changed my mother and made her a women I have not seen in years with the heartache she has been through. From the day I got pregnant she has gained a new lease of life with Skye which makes me smile everyday been able to give her this happiness and label her granny involving her in every daily symptom, whinge, photo and decision we make. I am so lucky to have such a close relationship with my mother and thats my goal with Skye. If I can be half the mother my mother is to me I will be happy.

This was truly a magical day and experience which we are so grateful to everyone for helping us celebrate.

Now get these heels off me before I fall over. Who needs to be “sexy” for 9 months of their life anyhow:):)

I realised that the cartoon Paw Patrol has a dog called Skye so I am sure every kid will have the name down path

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