Travel with a bump

Who would of thought you could go on holidays without a beer or wine in hand, that would of been a definite NO from me. Instead this babymoon consisted of fashionable compression flight socks, Magnesium crampeze muscle tablets along with the biggest box I could possibly get my hands on of gaviscon for heartburn. Yes to most it doesnt sound too appealing right?

So after our 4hr flight to Cairns, Queensland my feet were swollen and on fire so yes I think a trip to the night markets for a cheap asian foot massage was a must. My holiday theory always was “It is beer o clock somewhere in the world”, this always put me in the holiday mood to start partying. This was now my 4th holiday since I got pregnant, Ireland, Dubai, Bali & Queensland and it was getting harder to fly as I got bigger BUT travel is my biggest passion in life and this will never change.

One night in Cairns was our first stop,in which started with a 3hour nap as we flew through the night followed by a trip to the pool to try and help the swelling and aching of my feet. It was an amazing setting as it was sunset.

That evening we visited the original Ugg boots shop to get bub first pair of shoes as uggs are the obvious choice especially when not born in Oz:) this was all so surreal, were we actually at that point of the pregnancy in what I have dreamed of for the past 4years. The night markets in Cairns were a great visit for cheap massages and local asian food,oh not forgetting nutella desserts (always one of my favs)

Next stop was 30min drive up the coast to palm cove for 2nights which was our first holiday together when we met 6years ago. The coastal drive was beautiful as we had rented a car. The 3days in palm cove was beautiful but very windy, to our suprise a new Irish pub had opened which normally would be very exciting but not been able to drink becomes very boring. We visited Kuranda village which as always is such a beautiful hippy quaint town, we drove upto Barron falls and did a walk around to the waterfall which up the hills left me walking slow and out of breathe, I truly felt like a whale at this point.

We went into Karanda village and bought some baby bits at the markets and had a coffee & listened to some live music. Was this the time in my life I dont shop for myself anymore? No more expensive makeup? Im not so sure how I feel bout this just yet:)

It was mothers day the Sunday we were in Palm Cove, this was the first time in 4years I didnt wake up crying wishing all my besties happy mothers day known yet again another year has came and went with me feeling like a failure. This was my year to know I was apart of it all where there was no tears and heartache. We went to a Greek restaurant that night which funnily enough had the same name of the hotel we stayed in Santorini where we got married “Pygros” I would definitely reccomend the food and ambiance for any of you who visit, put it on your list.

Last stop for us was another 30min drive further up the coast to Port Douglas which is a place I have wanted to visit for a long time, we booked an apartment at Peppers Resort it was beautiful, it had everything we needed to do nothing but relax, cook and take it easy. For those of you who know me thats not in my usual holiday itinerary but this time I was quiet happy doing nothing. We would be here for a full 7days so it was perfect. Weather wasnt exactly amazing but for what we had planned it was perfect and we still managed the pool most days.

My husband kept saying how much I would of hated this resort if I had not been pregnant as it was full of families and couples on their babymoon so I was grateful.

Over the week I finally felt bub kick more for the first time which was such a relief as I have an anterior placenta and never thought once I finally got pregnant I would not be able to feel bub at 25weeks. The week was a mix of swollen feet, bad heartburn, lower back pain/ sciatica was getting worse causing me to limp while walking long distances which became abit of a struggle. We visited Mossman Gorge and dont another walk through the national park which was beautiful, it was a No swim zone due to heavy rain for a few weeks prior, but of course people did swim. This time I was extra careful which was a result of me doing alot less adventurous events but hey it was still ourstanding scenery

One day I struggled to breathe alot it felt as those bub had feet kicking off my lungs that night I panicked abit as I sat up in the bed for hours out of breathe along with pacing the apartment to try help. Gee was there any pregnancy symptom I would escape.

We arranged a trike bike town tour which was amazing but I did not want to risk doing the mountains tour as it would of been alot of bumps and fast riding. They were so accomadating where they had one trike “pregnant friendly”. I did feel sorry for my husband as the tour guide promised we would go down the hill very fast n of course I was not game 30seconds into it 🙂

Hartleys crocodile farm was a visit we really wanted to do so ventured there on our last day but before we went we booked in for a morning at the spa in hope it wouls help settle my feet and leg cramps before another long flight and day of walking around. Once I lay down on the bed I could not get up with the pain in my sciatic nerve. This was the hardest for me. As we arrived at Hartleys Croc farm we made it just in time for the snake show, croc feeding show along with doing the cruise round the creek which had 250 crocs and Wow it was so impressive. Being pregnant having a sensitive smell which the keeper opened an esky of gone off chicken to feed the crocs was enough to make anyone spew. Lucky I was finally over my nausea phase. Again its worth putting on the list of things to visit in far north Queensland.

Overall, would I reccomend far north Queensland and the tours we done most definitely yes, even been pregnant and feeling like a whale we had alot of options.

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