Final chapter pt 3 – Having a baby is easy….

Continued from pt 2….

The days slowly dragged on waiting for that final important 20week anatomy scan to reassure me once again that Tots was staying strong and I have reached the half way mark milestone. It kept going around in my head this was going to be the time it would all come crashing down surely Tots can not be this strong and perfect right? We once again (which now been my 8th scan) attended yet another scan and yes Tots was measuring A-Ok with a healthy heartbeat along with all confirmed organs in tact and measurements as they should be. This was happening so I could continue my ocd craze of planning and buying. Yes I have been told over and over im extremely organised as im building up a room full of nappies for when we are living on beans & toast on one wage:)

Easter approached and we went to Bali and stayed in an incredible 5star resort called The Ayana Resort, Jimbaran but my god was it hard work with all of the steps as this place had about 12 restuarants and numerous pools along with the most amazing clifftop infinity pool you had to get a cable car down to. My pregnant body was hating me right now especially my sciatic nerve down my left arss cheek.

Then yes as I had imagined it was all going too perfect as i approached the 22nd week I started getting pains in my lower stomach which as everyone kept reminding me was ” ligament pains” all apart of parcel and package. Stop being a princess Kim and get on with it. Come the end of the week it was getting worse surely this was not right. The Friday I worked from home I felt sick, really drained and struggling to get up and down with the pain. That night i gave in and started taking panadine forte and using a heatpack. It didnt even touch the sides so to speak to get rid of the pain. The following morning I met with my girlfriends for breakfast wearing maternity jeans they were really hurting me and the pain wasnt getting any better. So I called the hospital and after going through a list of what felt 100 questions with the midwife she told me to come straight in as this was not right. Paddy came home and we went straight up to the hospital. They scanned Tots straight up as this was obviously the priority and as usual like all the other somographers and doctors he laughed saying what a healthy active baby it was using as much hand action movements as possible. Phew! That was a relief as I had tears in my eyes praying I was not going to loose our baby. I was petrified.

They did a urine sample along with 3 sets of bloods. As the doctors concerns had now moved towards my apendix. This was a risk as with my history of miscarring they wanted to avoid surgery all costs. 8 hours later of lying on the most uncomfortable squeaky bed with heatpacks and getting different drugs they finally send down a surgeon to me making the call to keep me over night fasting. It was surreal I then realised this was the birthing suite we would have our miracle. I was quickly brought back to reality when I could hear a women in labour screaming the hospital down in pain. Eekk can I back out now and run. Finally they moved me over to the ward at 1:30am I was starved I had not eaten since 1pm and was now fasting.

Paddy left and the new midwife agreed to give me more painkillers, heatpack and tablets to help me sleep. Nothing was helping the pain. I was up and down all night. At 5am a girl was admitted at 34 weeks with bleeding so they quickly decided after monitoring her bubs movements to do an emergency c section on her. As the night and day passed I met different midwifes, doctors, obs and surgeons all trying to find answers to the pain without operating on as this was their big concern. They forgot to put me on a drip for fluids the night before until 1pm the next day which was not good for me or the baby. So 3 days later of fasting on and off, bloods, MRI, ultrasounds, drips, scans, doplers to check Tots heart rate a few times a day. My infection blood markers were rising but my pain was starting to go from (in hospital terms) an 8 to a 3.

I had learned so much in my time there about complications of pregnancy from week 30 onwards as different girls came and went getting the bubs heartbeats monitored due to lack of movement. The midwifes told me stories about the machines and different things that can happen so this was all a learning curve and so interesting.

This was all such bad timing I couldnt be off work and having so much to do but I knew this was my bodies way of telling me to slow down. My boss had been amazing she had got in touch with paddy to reassure him work had been sorted. The surgeon and obs came in on the last day confirming I could go home but to spend the week on bedrest, antibiotics and heatpacks in which I did. 2 days later I was back to the hospital for my first antenatal apppointment, the midwife was amazing but the pain was still there, I was weak and tired but alot better. She got me to go for more bloods again the following morning in which was sore as both arms and hands were bruised from the drip and all the hospital needles. I was getting more back pain and tired very easy as I had been so sick. It has been a long emotional week.

Surely I dont have another 17 weeks of this?

I will continue blogging on this journey. But I am goint to start doing a mix of my travel stories also.

Enjoy your few weeks all & Thanks as always for following my journey

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