Final chapter pt 2- Having a baby is easy….

Continued from part 1…

So as you can imagine that day and night dragged as I was so aggitated and tired. So at 7:50am on the 22nd of January, I waited at the door of womens imaging, Subiaco and asked could they squeeze me in for a quick scan. The sonographer was so good as she could tell I was an emotional mess. I lay down on the chair absolutely terrified to look at the screen, my heart was racing. Her mouth open and in slow motion she started with

” Oh theres a lovely heartbeat at 165bpm and a baby measuring 8w 1d”

Tears fell down my cheeks and I could hardly bring myself to look at the screen, was I dreaming? After over 20 scans with empty sacs there was actually a BABY and a heartbeat. This was a miracle, she suggested I come back in 10days.

So 10days later again me & Paddy waited anxiously hoping this was not a one off dream, to our suprise she confirmed it was growing at a perfect rate along with a healthy heartbeat.

We by now named bub ” Tots”.

We started telling friends and times like this truly confirmed how lucky we are to have such amazing mates, everyone was so supportive and excited. I was very apprehensive and struggled to get excited.

Mates started to give us gifts and gestures and I put them in the spare room and closed the door in denial.

Not a day passed by where I wasnt throwing up, sick, severe headaches, heartburn you name it I offically had every textbook pregnancy symptom.

The dreams started where I would wake up crying that I had lost the baby again.

I got the bloods in advance for the 12wk scan, the lead up to the scan was awful I was petrified this was where it would all go wrong. I sat in the waiting room I could hardly speak to Paddy. We went into be told the neck fold measurements were perfect, the down syndrome and chromsomes were great for my age. We heard the heartbeat for the first time and then out of no where Tots did a somersault. Paddy jumped and laughed with excitment. I felt dead and so flat inside from all the worry and exhaustion. I resented so much how I have robbed from the excitment of pregnancy from all the miscarrying.

Once we shared our news on facebook over 600 likes and 300 comments I was amazed as to how many friends and support we had throughout our journey the past 4years it was truly surreal.

The next week we decided to get a scan done to confirm the sex based on the “nub theory” with the intention to help me emotionally that this was not a pregnancy waiting to go wrong but this was “our baby” and we were going to be parents. As I knew the girl who done the scan she confirmed she was nearly certain of the sex and spend ages going through all the fingers, toes, spine etc which for the first time I relaxed and it all became real I was going to be a mammy after 4 heart breaking years.

This was when it all changed and we shopped full steam ahead and within 2weeks we had pretty much got everything I was on a mission to distract myself.

My 2 closest mates had already arranged our baby shower in which I had decided to do it as mixed guys and girls, along with a gender reveal.

Then we booked a 3D gender reveal scan at 16w 4d and yes the same sex was now confirmed and Tots was sucking its thumb and was so active. Thats was when we decided on a name and have been using it ever since.

The next scan is the 20week scan, I will do part 3 of the blog then.

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  1. So happy all is progressing as normal. Keep strong and happy until your precious bundle is here. God bless you both on this amazing journey, enjoy every moment. X

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