Realisation of my weight came as a shock!

This was exactly how I felt the moment I woke up and looked in the mirror, Funny but true.

As a teenager I always remember me and my childhood mates were always the ones to try every dieting trick you could think of, watching my mother and my aunts eating grapefruit for breakfast expecting miracles to lose weight along with week in week out on a different diet before weight watchers, its all I knew as a kid. Sometimes we took it too far eating carrots and water but 2 days in we loved our food and our fad diets out the window.
In college, life was no different for me sharing with a few housemates in which always kept it interesting, one friend joined me at weight watchers while the others ate chocolate and takeaways day in day out. I began travelling the world each summer soon to realise greasy food and beer was apart of my daily life. Yes it was fun but I lost confidence as to how I looked.

In 2005, I travelled to Australia after spending a month touring around Thailand, I will always remember the day I arrived in Sydney one of my best mates said to me ” you will be boozing ever day so give up beer and change to wine with ice”, thats exactly what I did. One month in I noticed the weight creep up and I joined weight watchers, not exactly what you expect to be doing backpacking but living in a shared house of 7 people, boozing each day caught up on me and took its toll.

2 years later I arrived in Perth yet again joining WW, I attended the meetings on my lunch break from work. I was going week in week out yo yo dieting going up and down weight each week. This cant be how im going to live my life. One Thursday afternoon I weighed in and sat there and cried with the ww leader. That was it STOP making excuses and take charge of my own body and what goes into my mouth. I woke up the next day weighing in at 84kg and it was my light bulb moment. I bought a treadmill with only been able to jog for 30 seconds and I felt like collapsing, the first week was hell I went to throw up in the toilet after each session. I joined the gym and put goals in place, my stubborness kicked in. I joined excerize classes from then on and met a few girls who I regularly challenged myself joining up to different cardio and resistance classes. A year later I was in the gym jogging 45mins and going to 5 cardio classes a week challenging the trainee instructors.

I still went to bbqs and drank 2-3 days a week ensuring nothing changed in my social life as this had to be a life time change not another fad diet. I started volunteering at ww which helped motivate me more also. I made wise food options like protein over carbs, added large portions of veg and salad to all my dishes. When my work collagues ate cake my boss bought my WW dessert. I got so much support reporting my weekly tracking to my close mates which encouraged me to keep going. Exchanging beer for bacardi & soda was a must for me. I was fed up of crying in shop changing rooms trying on clothes. Before I realised the weeks passing by I went from 84kg – 56kg (4.5stone), All my clothes had to be altered and I did a transformation and chopped all my hair up short to start fresh.

One day, weeks after i reached my initial goal, I recieved an email from the Australian womens health magazine publisher in which my mate had contacted for them to do an article on me, I remember sitting at work answering the call with tears in my eyes I had done this for myself and no one else with no excuses. The photoshoot was done by a photographer in which had worked alongside Heath Ledger at one point. It was amazing and fell on the day of my birthday.

Since then yes ive had my times of fluctuating but I have become quite passionate about sharing recipes with my friends and nutritional tips to my husband. I helped my husband lose 20kgs (3stone) also and teach him about the importance of health and nutrition.

In 2016, with my new knowledge and passion for nutrition I joined a challenge group and lost 24kg (4stone) to get married in Greece.

I now have a group of close friends, husband and my mother reporting theor Friday weigh ins to me every week to make it some fun and encouragment.

I will continue to share my food stories along with recipes and tips on my blogs to help others.

3 top tips:

  • Replace beer with white spirits & soda
  • Replace dinner carbs with extra veg or salad
  • Eat protein for snacks to keep you fuller for longer instead of sugary fruit

Just remember excuses dont make you feel or look good in the end.

2 thoughts on “Realisation of my weight came as a shock!

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  1. BEAUTIFUL no matter what size, but this post is SO inspirational. you’ve done it!!!!! stay smiley and positive I had a bit of similar experiences. just get into happy of treating yourself still, small changes CAN make a big difference. big love xoxox

    LOVESXTINE connect xx

    Liked by 1 person

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