Start of a new Experience 


Ok so I have caved in and decided after years of planning events and organising for my family friends and partner, sharing my travelling stories, posting photos and recipes to my mates, lecturing my besties on nutrition and mostly the heartache of miscarrying over and over I wanted to share my journey of the struggles and heartache of fertility.

I have decided throughout this new journey of blogging i am going to ” Keep it Real” with no frills.

As i have a makeup business at home McGraths Beauty Lounge as a hobby for extra cash on the side I will share some tips of what ive learned on applying makeup and new brands ive purchased and what I would reccomend but also what I think is a cheaper alternative.

My experience of planning a destination wedding for 110 people in Greece from Australia. The costs involved and what I think you can do to give your family and friends attending a true experience as I arranged a 5 day itinerary.

My stories from Travelling the world since I started backpacking in 2002 but especially my passion for hotels and Asian food I am excited to share my experiences.

Also the real truth of miscarrying over and over while you watch your friends move on in life with babies and you attending birthdays and christenings and buying baby presents every few weeks while your heart is breaking inside. I will give an onsight on fertility treatment injecting yourself everyday, taking tablets and pessaries, experiencing all the side affects and tears while feeling like an absolute failure in hope I can help other girls experiencing the same.

So as ive just began i am looking forward to doing a blog monthly on different topics, I will share photos and links and recipes also.

I am excited and scared but with your guys support and no doubt critics i will succeed on my new journey.

Please help share my blogs and pages.

Once you scroll to the end if you tick the box to get notified of new blogs and fill out email and tick follow. You do not need an account.

Enjoy your Sunday night guys & get one last vino in before the dreaded Monday

22 thoughts on “Start of a new Experience 

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  1. Yay!!!! Well done babes. I’ve just read them backwards from 3 to 1 haha (must be the Irish in me😉)
    Putting yourself out there for people in the hope that they too might feel some comfort in their grief is so generous of you babes. You have so much to give and I can’t wait to read your next blog forever proud of you xxxxx

    Liked by 1 person

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