Labour Day

As the hours passed I was no closer to contracting by myself so I was now hooked up to a drip to prevent any infections as we had hit the 18 hours mark since my waters had broken. I had now prepared myself to be transferred to the birthing suite and the time had come... Continue Reading →

The Reality of living abroad

I think there is always a time for everyone where they reach a difficult crossroads as to where they want to be in life for different reasons, think about it have you? For me I can never remember not having the travel bug and not wanting to live abroad, this was always my main passion... Continue Reading →

The Reveal – Prince or Princess

So the time has come to reveal to all of our friends in Australia whether we will be having a prince or princess. 2 of my besties took the challenge on board planning our gender reveal party, I have never been the person to do things traditionally like most babyshowers that are usually planned as... Continue Reading →

Travel with a bump

Who would of thought you could go on holidays without a beer or wine in hand, that would of been a definite NO from me. Instead this babymoon consisted of fashionable compression flight socks, Magnesium crampeze muscle tablets along with the biggest box I could possibly get my hands on of gaviscon for heartburn. Yes... Continue Reading →

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